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School Clothing Order

We are pleased to share with you the following link: Please note Bereford’s is managing all clothing orders and payment fees. The deadline to order is October 23, 2020. When you select the article of clothing you will be prompted to enter your size, colour and option of sleeve embroidery. It is very important to note you will need to enter the coupon code to save on shipping,... Read More


Due to life threatening allergies please do not bring shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts or eggs into our building.Thank you in advance. Read More

Late Check-in, Early Dismissal and Missed Days

Please note when your student is late, requiring excused early dismissal or missed days to please email our administrative team. Otherwise your student will be entered into PowerSchool as unexcused and you will get daily phone calls home. We ask for you to refrain from sending in paper notes from home. Ms. BettyAnn Costello – Mr. Edward Russell – Ms. Lisa Strapp – Thank you in... Read More

MD Food Service Menu in Cafeteria

We are proud to be apart of the healthy schools project. Our food service provider offers food options and choices that are healthy and affordable. Please see the attached menu. The caterer provides a preordering service. Lunch meals can be ordered the same day up to recess time. You can also order a week or a few days in advance. Cash and EMT will be accepted. EMT can be... Read More

Security Cameras

Important Notice: RCHS has security cameras in use on premises. Video surveillance system monitored by school administration. If you have questions, please call the school. Read More