At Roncalli, we recognize the importance of communication between home and school and we look forward to working with the parents and the entire school community in meeting the needs of our students.  Please feel free to contact us as listed below.

Users who do not have an email app setup will need to simply right click the link, click ‘copy shortcut’ and paste the email address into the email address line.

  • Phone:  709-229-3381                Fax:  709-229-3362

Administrative Team:

Mr. Eddie Russell   Principal

Ms. Lisa Strapp   Assistant Principal, IRT

Ms. Michelle Walsh  School Counsellor

Ms. Betty Ann Costello Administrative Assistant

Teaching Staff:

Ms. Michelle Broders Math Department Head, Homeroom Level 3-1

Ms. Susan Butler French, Homeroom 9-2

Ms. Janine Cleary Math, Homeroom 8-2

Ms. Jean Corbett English, Math Homeroom 9-1

Mr. Justin Evans Science, Math Homeroom L1-1

Ms. Yolanda Fillier IRT

Ms. Margaret Fowler Social Studies, Home Economics, Homeroom 7-2

Ms. Catherine Gill Science, Homeroom Level 3-2

Ms. Kimberley Jones IRT

Mr. Cory Lynch English Department Head, Homeroom Level 2-1

Mr. Jeremy McPeake Art, Homeroom Level 2-2

Ms. Kimberley Penney Music, Social Studies, Homeroom 7-1

Ms. Jane Pottier IRT, Department Head Special Services

Mr. Tony Power Science

Mr. Brian Coombs Career Education, Tech. Education

Ms. Debra Spurvey Social Studies, Homeroom L1-2

Mr. Chris Tobin English

Mr. Jeremy Vokey Physical Education, Athletic Director

Ms. Caitlin Woodford IRT

Support Staff:

Mr. Kevin McDonald Student Assistant

Ms. Peggy Walsh Student Assistant

Mr. Ed Anthony Maintenance

Mr. Shawn Morgan Custodian