What is Inclusion Month?

Inclusion Month is a National Celebration of Inclusion. It is an ooportunity for us to look at how far we have come as an Inclusion School AND to look at where we need to go from here! Throughout the month, the Inclusion Team (made up of 15 students and 5 teachers) will promote and facilitate a number of activities designed to promote BELONGING at Roncalli and through this – INCLUSION at Roncalli.

Some of the Highlights of the upcoming month are:

  • Opening Assembly to encourage students to “CLAIM” their identities as individuals and as students of Roncalli
  • Class Team Building Activities
  • Lunch time activities
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • Peace Day
  • Ski Trip or Pajama Movie Day
  • Colour Dress-up Days to demonstrate support for Depression Awareness; Autism Awareness; Child Abuse Prevention; Gay Rights; Anti-Bullying
  • Anti-Bullying Assembly
  • An Activities Night at the School