Enrichment Program Opportunity

The Enrichment Mini Course program is for junior high students and has been established via a partnership with the post-secondary institutions involved and Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. This is the first year that students from Roncalli Central High will be enabled to avail of this exciting program.

If you are interested in providing your child with this opportunity, then please down load Mini Course Application and Consent Form 2015. All details are on this form and you will need to send the Consent Portion to the school with your $40 registration. Please ensure ALL information is completed on the application form. You should also down load the Mini Course Catalogue March 2015. This document contains the list of sessions, dates offered and the location of each.

The final step in the process after registration involves the completion Mini Courses – MUN Waiver. Please note that the waiver is NOT being collected at the school, just the registration. The waiver must be filled out and brought with the students on the first day they attend the mini course.

Parents are asked to please down load and read each document carefully. These sessions are purely voluntary and intended for enrichment. You must register and pay your money at Roncalli on or before March 20th and we will submit these registrations to the coordinators.