Graduates Prepare for Graduation 2015

The graduating class of 2015 are excited to prepare for their graduation on April 25th. At this time they are sponsoring a Valentines Ticket Draw. Tickets are on sale now from any member of the graduating class for $1.00 each on a Valentines Basket of Gift Cards and items with a total value of $1000. The basket will be drawn for on February 13th.

Also, the graduates will be conducting a “Recycling Blitz” in support of their Safe Grad on February 7th from 10:00 AM until 12 noon. Collection will take place from Colliers to Holyrood. People are asked to please collect recyclables in support of this event and contact one of the following people if you would like to have your recyclables picked up:

Colliers- Jodi Deveraux 229-5610

Conception Harbour- Laurie Lee Laracy 229-2296

Avondale- Tracy Costello 229-2253

Harbour Main- Amanda Kinsella 229-0489

Chaples Cove- Traci McGrath 231-2041

North Arm- Dwayne or Gigi Quinlan 229-1160 or 229-4041

Holyrood- Michelle Maloney 229-1135

Thank you for supporting the Graduating Class of 2015.