Two Positions available with TWEP

Roncalli Central High has been allocated two TWEP (Tutoring/Work experience program) resources for this school year. These tutors will be available to work with students on a 1-1 basis for the next 6 weeks (starting May 7th – June 15th) and will work out of our LRC. TWEP Program pays minimum wage for tutors at $11.15/hour. Each tutor can provide a maximum of 35 hours of tutoring service per week over six weeks, for a maximum total of 210 hours of tutoring service. Reimbursement will be:

  • $5.25/hour in a tuition voucher, total maximum voucher $1,102.50
  • $5.90/hour in stipend, total maximum stipend $1,239.00
  • For a maximum total of $2,341.50 per tutor.
    If you are currently registered in post-secondary with good academic standing and are interested please send an email to: