Walk to Breakfast Update

This years Kids Eat Smart Walk to Breakfast was our best ever to date. This year we raised $7250 which will be matched by Kids Eat Smart in support of Roncalli’s Breakfast Club.

A special thank you is extended to everyone who contributed. An extra special thank you is extended to our top 10 collectors who will each receive prizes:

  1. Isabella Tippett ($332 collected)
  2. Lauren Ezekiel ($207 collected)
  3. Brendan Power ($206 collected)
  4. Emily Claire Furey ($200 collected)
  5. Evan Lyons Lewis ($158.75 collected)
  6. Ariel Bartlett ($145 collected)
  7. Alex Tilley ($145 collected)
  8. Victoria McGrath ($140 collected)
  9. Patrick Costigan ($125 collected)
  10. Joseph Woodford and Nicholas Dalton ($120 collected)

Ms. Jones Grade 7 homeroom will receive a pizza party as the highest collecting homeroom with $915.55 raised. Honorable mention goes out to Ms. Hillier’s and Ms. Gill’s Homerooms who finished a close second and third respectively.

Overall, this was an outstanding effort that has guaranteed our breakfast club will be well funded for the year.

We also thank the many members of the community who sponsored students when they came knocking.